Welcome to KC Coaching

I specialise in triathlon and running coaching from beginners to elite, distances from 5k to marathon, sprint to Iron distance.

Are you spending much of the year injured or ill?  Perhaps you are training too hard or too much.  Maybe you’re new to triathlon or running and need a training plan to fit in around work and family commitments. 

I prescribe individual training plans tailored to each athlete and take into account your work and family commitments and set achievable training plans with long term goals in mind.  

Plans are fully prescribed in Training Peaks with day to day sessions personalised to the distance and event you are training towards with your current level of fitness at the heart.  

In my time as a coach and an athlete I have seen many people just training too hard and seeing little or no progression. I look back to how I trained as a youngster on the track and everything was run as hard as you can and try to hold that pace with no reasoning. I enjoyed it at the time and didn’t know any better but I often wonder now if I had known better and been more sensible would I have run faster pbs on the track?

Over the past 10 years I have I have come to understand training to your current ability level and and not where you think you should be; it’s about training the correct energy system for the phase of training you are currently in. I have taken all this on board with my own coaching.

I use the Daniels’ Table quite a lot when working out times for athletes to work to from easy running to harder track efforts. A lot of great information can be found in the book “Daniels’ Running Formula” by Jack Daniels PHD.

If you would like to learn more why don’t you sign up to one or all three of my half day run training courses. Here I will give you a test session to do which I will then work out your training paces from. Following this will be a training session incorporating mixed paces to learn the feel of training at different intensities. Also included will be talks on training, nutrition and injury prevention.