I am a level 3 BTF coach and regularly coach at the track and pool for Chester Triathlon club.  I also write individual monthly schedules for triathletes, runners and cyclists. 

Having had several coaches over the years of my competitive running and also being coached for triathlon I have valuable experience to give back to my athletes.  

Coaching Ethics

I believe in training the correct energy system with training specific to the race distance being targeted.  Coaching to me isn’t about how hard a session I can set for an athlete or doing as many hours per week training as possible, it’s about getting the balance right to achieve realistic goals.  Does your current coach beast you?  Are you spending much of the year injured or ill?  Perhaps you are training too hard or too much.  The training I prescribe is individually tailored to each athlete and takes into account their work and family commitments and sets achievable training plans with long term goals in mind.  

Why Do You Need a Coach?

A good coach will set your training to your lifestyle, commitments and goals you have.  They will set a training plan that progresses as you get better and targets the race distance, terrain and profile.  You could argue that why pay for a coach when there are many free training plans in magazines and online that you could just follow.  These aren't helpful though when something crops up and you can't train for a week (illness, family commitments etc).  A coach will be able to look at what you have done and determine if certain sessions should be repeated or to carry on.  

You could join a tri club and there are many great clubs out there with some great coaches but they won't necessarily be targeting their club training around your "A" race of the year.  Also, be aware when in a tri club environment that you don't get caught up with other peoples egos!  I've been on many a club ride where the pace just gets faster and faster throughout as the guys want to burn everyone off!  Most of my athletes that have come to me for coaching have found a real benefit of slowing down their easy days.  I'm not saying don't train with others as it can be really beneficial - just remember that racing is for race day.