Andrew Tapson


Having taken up triathlon as a challenge for my 50th birthday I fell in love with the challenge of the sport from both the physical and mental aspects. Having completed 2 events in my first year I then set myself a 5 year challenge of qualifying for the GB age group team by the age of 55 but realised that I needed some expert help to maximise the chance of reaching the goal. After a search for a coach I discovered Kelly through the and I am now into my 5th year of working with Kelly and it is more than fair to say that I wouldn’t have realised the dream of pulling on a GB triathlon suit at the 2014 Europeans in Kitzbuhel without her assistance, encouragement and support.

Kelly always ensures that she has a clear understanding of my goals for the triathlon race season and builds a structured program of coaching designed specifically for me – this program always feels flexible and the sessions are both interesting and challenging. Last year in particular the biking sessions were specifically structured around the expected hilly course in Kitzbuhel and it was noticeable how much this benefited both my bike results but also my run times. To me the keys to triathlon performance are all around the consistency of training and staying free from injury , Kelly has helped me attain this by stressing the importance of both technical sessions in all disciplines as well as regular strength and conditioning slots in the training program.

Jeff Belt


Having a coach helped me prepare for London marathon and two Ironman races in one season.  Having the sessions set out in advance helped to prioritise the individual sports at the relevant times and avoid guessing the best plan. The consistent approach to training avoided picking up injuries through overtraining and by prioritising and tapering for the big races meant having good performances on the race day.

The swim drills and sessions led to a 60 minute 3.8KM sea swim at Ironman Wales and an overall time of 10:56 finishing in the top 30 of the M40 age group. A 10:17 finish at Challenge Roth with a 3:36 marathon split was also very pleasing.